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The Irish Association for Game Hunting and Conservation.


To promote and represent the sport of game hunting.

To represent members locally and nationally.

To foster good relations with farmers and landowners.

To promote the conservation of game and the preservation of habitat.

To promote the highest standards of safety and behaviour in the hunting field.

To encourage the participation of youth in the sport of game hunting.

To educate members in the theory and safe practice of game hunting.

To foster solidarity with other game hunting organisations.


Membership is open to individuals and groups resident in Ireland.

Membership is conditional upon holding valid Public Liability cover.

Membership fees shall be determined at the Annual Conference.


A general council of members shall be the supreme authority of the association.

An elected Management Committee shall implement the decisions of the General Council and attend the day to day running of the Association.


The management committee shall comprise the following Honorary Officers.


Vice Chairman.

Honorary Secretary.

Honorary Treasurer.

Public Relations.

Game Development.

Safety and Proficiency.

Membership Communications


A meeting of the General Council shall be held annually during the month of March/April.

A meeting of the General Council may be convened by the Chairman or upon the written request of twenty five members.

The Chairman shall convene meetings of the Management Committee as required but not less than quarterly.


Voting shall be in accordance with the Rules of the Association.


The Association shall maintain such Bank account[s] as decided by the General Council. All income shall be deposited in these accounts and all accounts shall be payable by cheque. All cheques shall bear the signature of the Honorary Treasurer together with that of the Chairman or Honorary Secretary. Expenses shall not be payable for travel and subsistence relating to meetings of the Association.


The Committee shall be empowered to initiate Disciplinary Proceedings. Such Proceedings shall at all times be in accordance with the ‘Disciplinary Code of the Association’ and within the principles of natural justice. A copy of the rules of Conduct and Discipline will be supplied to members on request.


CHAIRMAN: The Chairman shall be responsible for calling meetings of the Association in conjunction with the Secretary. The Chairman is also responsible for day to day running of the Association between meetings. The Chairman will also liaise with other officers of the Association between meetings.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman at all times and assume the duties of the Chairman in his/her absence.

HONORARY SECRETARY: The Honorary Secretary shall attend to the correspondence of the Association. He/She shall keep all Minutes and records of the Association. In conjunction with the Chairman he/she draws up the agenda and notifies all Members of meetings.

HONORARY TREASURER: The Honorary Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the bank account[s] of the Association and he/she must also keep records of all income and expenditure. At all times, he/she shall make such records available to the Committee upon request. He/she shall prepare a set of accounts approved by the Committee for presentation to the Annual Conference.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Following consultation with the Chairman, he/she liaises with the media and issues Press Releases on behalf of the Association as required. He/She shall also promote the Association through the appropriate media channels and oversee the production of a Newsletter and any other promotional literature.

GAME DEVELOPMENT OFFICER: The role of Game Development Officer is one of coordinating efforts in the propagation and conservation of game birds and their habitat. The Game Development Officer must help relay the most cost effective and successful methods of game bird management to clubs and groups within the organisation.

MEMBERSHIP COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: The role of the Membership Communications Officer is to keep members informed in all matters relevant to the Association.

SAFETY AND PROFICIENCY OFFICER: The role of the Safety and Proficiency Officer is to educate members in all aspects of safety and proficiency in game hunting and related activities


Adequate notice of Annual Conference must be given to members in order to allow sufficient time to submit motions and nominations for Officers.

Nominations and Resolutions must be received by the Secretary no later than seven working days before the meeting.

The Secretary should ascertain the eligibility of members to stand for office. Nominations may also be taken from the floor on the day of the meeting.

As the Annual Conference is open to all members, it will not be necessary to notify members in advance of submissions received.

Members who have been nominated for any position must be in attendance at the meeting and must conrm their willingness to stand and to take up the position should they be elected.

Voting for Officers  shall be by secret ballot where the meeting so decides, and Tellers will be appointed prior to the commencement of voting.

Voting on Resolutions may be by show of hands/cards, except where the meeting decides it must be by secret ballot.

In accordance with the Constitution, all elections shall be determined by simple majority.

All resolutions, other than those involving changes to the Constitution shall be by simple majority.

Changes to the Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of those present and voting.

In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall exercise a casting vote.

Should a position become vacant during the term, the Committee shall appoint the candidate with the next highest number of votes at the most recent election.

In the event of any position not being filled, the incoming Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member for that office.

Public liability must be in date and acceptable to the committee.


Standing Orders for Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meetings

The Order of business shall be as per the prepared Agenda.

All discussion must be through the Chair.

All motions must be proposed and seconded.

Motions may be debated for and against, with time allowed:

Proposer 3 minutes:  Others 2 minutes:  Proposer’s  right to reply 2 minutes:

The Chairman may not influence the vote but has a casting vote in the event of a tie.

Profane Language will not be tolerated

Discussion concerning Members not present at the meeting is not allowed.

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